Yet not, it was not the brand new bridegroom which was escorting the newest bride to help you this new church; it was the newest koumparos!

Yet not, it was not the brand new bridegroom which was escorting the newest bride to help you this new church; it was the newest koumparos!

The Koumparos / The newest Koumpara

New koumparos is the couple’s finest people. ?he koumpara (otherwise coumera when you look at the Cypriot dialect) relates to a female in fact it is basically for instance the bride’s housemaid out-of honor just with a whole lot more responsibilities! And so they both gamble a vital role throughout the Greek ceremony. Traditionally, new groom’s godfather otherwise his youngsters was asked to help you suffice very first otherwise a member of family otherwise a good friend of one’s couple or even the relatives.

I think your koumparos otherwise koumpara plays an even more crucial character versus British/American Top Guy and you will Maid of honor. The new koumparos inside Greece is actually the new “sponsor” of your relationships, features always an extremely unique character regarding ceremony, doing traditions. Indeed, in a few geographic nations, such as Epirus, I have already been so you’re able to wedding events where the koumparos with his friends was basically really enjoyed and you may honoured with different way of living purchasing tribute on them and lots of traditional moving inside it.

I remember a married relationship at Santorini certainly regional families. New bridegroom had the bride within their particular family and went as high as brand new church, through cobble-stoned, quaint roads, usually followed by the songs off a ring to experience traditional wedding musical. The fresh new groom are taking walks behind them!

Plus, the fresh new koumparos and you may koumpara try each other privileged towards the honour away from become the new couple’s first born child’s godparents. Through the practice of baptism, the newest koumparos otherwise koumpara end up being the infant’s spiritual moms and dads and you may mentors.

Did I speak about you to once upon a time, politicians was indeed the most preferred individuals become the koumparos-marriage mentor? Sure, that is true, even now, however just like the customary because the ahead of!

Arrangements Before the Relationship

New Groom will get Hairless of the his Better Man!Toward wedding day, the fresh new groom’s relatives will assist your prepare yourself. New koumparos tend to shave him; that it verifies brand new trust between the two dudes. Their family relations will help top him. You to definitely might let your to help you link his bow and another can get help him lay his blazer toward.

The fresh Bride’s Nearest and dearest Assist their unique Placed on her Bridal dress!Consequently, at the bride’s household, their unique koumpara and you may loved ones will assist her set her dress towards. Within his time in specific components of Greece, also, they are singing old-fashioned wedding sounds. Before the bride to be leaves her shoes into the, she’ll develop the fresh labels off their own unmarried family relations towards base out of her shoes. The society says your brands of your girls that will feel removed towards the end of the day becomes married soon.

The new Koumparos Pays for the new Bride’s Marriage Footwear to suit!New koumparos check outs the fresh bride’s house the afternoon of your relationships so you’re able to escort her to chapel. But, the fresh new doorways are shut! There are many life style as much as their go to. Particularly, he may need certainly to render a fried chicken all the fancily adorned and adorned in exchange to enter our home! Following, he need certainly to help the bride lay their particular boots for the. Up to now, brand new bride to be always pretends the footwear you should never complement their own while they are way too high! Upcoming, the newest koumparos locations money to make their foot fall for the until the happy fiance-to-be says she actually is comfortable in her relationships shoes! So it “show” you will definitely continue with other dudes at home, like the bride’s father, just who may also is actually their luck and see if he can generate you to definitely shoe match!

The fresh new Cypriot “Stolisma”Inside Cyprus, the brand new tradition suggests the “stolisma”. When the bride to be is ready, a ring performs a tune you to phone calls most of the bride’s nearest and dearest supply their their bless. During this routine, a yellow scarf is passed in the bride’s hips and this symbolizes fertility. An equivalent routine is carried out with the bridegroom, too. Then “Kapnistiri” takes place, which is a good censer usually utilized because a cig true blessing in order to the latest wedding couple.

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