Variations can be authorized by the Category Manager

Variations can be authorized by the Category Manager

(5) With regards to the VCFL Acceptable Floor Criteria & Build we recommend that the actual line line of new to experience area are going to be at the least around three (3) yards from the fence range.

(6) An extender have to be provided by your house Bar and you may discovered within the or around the coaches’ container. Penalty: $100

In the event your same Nightclubs is contending in most games towards the same trip to a comparable area one form is necessary, when the more several Clubs was contending on a single big date at the venue upcoming independent forms can be done because of the the brand new Nightclubs contending for the reason that meets

(8) A special dressing place should be designed for umpires. Nightclubs must bring putting on a costume place place having women umpires when appropriate.

(9) A column twelve yards in length, you to metre from the line line are noted parallel to the newest boundary range facing all the coaches’ packages. Penalty: $100

Worksafe Chance Government Number need to be complete by the competing Clubs Risk Management Officers

(11) A good AFL Vic. New content AFL Vic. Worksafe Chance Management List must be submitted to Geelong & Area Football Category throughout the Suits Day documentation. Punishment getting maybe not entry mode to Geelong & District Football Category – $fifty for first offense, further offences $100.

(2) All the pro need to be completely uniformed in his Club colors which have their amount well-known and you can properly repaired to your their straight back.

(3) All the to tackle jumpers need certainly to hold logos just like the given because of the VCFL and Geelong & Section Activities League. Nightclubs have to formally consult the newest Category Executive’s recognition to exhibit sponsorship logo designs into Club jumpers. It request need certainly to include details such as for instance proportions and position.

(5) The brand new League Professional commonly select assortment of jeans to possess finals matches that have top priority visiting the high finisher inside the domestic and you will out online game of these two edges to try out.

(6) Bike jeans worn under to experience shorts need to be often skin the color or match the colour of the team jeans.

(a) The Pub coaches, appointed or incumbent, need to be informed so you can Geelong & District Recreations League, that have related contact and you may accreditation info, because of the 29 February on a yearly basis. Any mentor who would not achieve because a minimum classes Peak step 1 Certification contained in this one year of the initial conference never continue to educate about resulting year.

(b) The fresh non-playing coach of every party is not acceptance into the to relax and play stadium in the advances of one’s matches except at one-fourth times. When you look at the improvements of fulfill the non-to relax and play mentor, interchange players (other than during the heating-up) or other officials must be regarding the limited city due to the fact designated of the twelve metre range as per rule several (9).

(c) The group captain throughout the day shall simply be allowed to communicate with industry Umpire at the menstruation during the improvements of your own suits (other than if the requesting the fresh new umpire having a matter regarding members toward playing surface). Any infraction of this rule will likely be stated because of the Umpire and become described the fresh new Group Separate Tribunal of course, if receive guilty shall bear the following maximum penalty:

(a) Earliest to get grades merely are permitted to use up to a few runners. Most other grades are only allowed that athlete.

(b) People runner should not have attached so you can their particular person telecommunications device with but is not restricted to help you earphones, microphones or earpieces or liquids package.

(c) An individual runner could possibly get go into and leave the newest to relax and play town of one part of one’s ground. In which a couple of athletes try utilised they want to go into via the interchange doors

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